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Build Resilience to Overcome Challenges

Do the challenges in front of you and your team feel insurmountable? New problems are constantly popping up, it’s like a game of whack-a-mole and you think if you relax everything will fall apart.

How is it that some people can handle the pressure without breaking a sweat? Resiliency is the answer.

Most people believe resilience needs to be built over time by hard work and consistent practice. But in fact, resilience is part of the human architecture, it’s at your core. Once people understand how the design works they immediately experience the ease and well-being they need to take-on big challenges. 

When people tap their genius, they tap their resilience. 

Overcome obstacles in this 90-minute, interactive workshop led by the principal consultants from Your Kinda Genius. Discover how to face challenges without the stress, struggle, and burnout to get where you want to go.

During this workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience in breakout sessions. At the end of the workshop they’ll receive a customized content summary for reference and to further integrate the learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to thrive no matter your challenges
  • Leverage past obstacles without hitting repeat
  • Discover the human architecture for resilience
  • Understand how to bounce back better

Generate maximum impact in the minimum amount of time.

These micro-workshops are offered upon request. Please contact us to bring our workshops to your business or organization (in-person or online).