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Hello Creators and Innovators!

Move Beyond Mindfulness: Master the Inner Game of Business

Your Kinda Genius is a professional training firm helping people reach a new performance and well-being paradigm in the workplace.

Focus • Resilience • Impact

Been there but want more — like an endless, uninterrupted flow?

You want and need Innate Genius at work. Imagine operating “in the zone” without the stress and struggle. At Your Kinda Genius we know how to access and leverage Innate Genius to produce brilliant results, not once but over & over. Seriously – We’ll show you how.


Generate flow and get brilliant results.

Creative Genius exists in everyone and the best results come when you're connected to it. We understand stuff gets in the way: procrastination and lack of clarity cause overwhelm, and stress is a tough taskmaster.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can have effortless success — naturally working smarter, not harder.

We’ll teach you a new paradigm for creating with ease and speed. Your productivity will increase and you'll connect with your work, colleagues, and clients in new impactful ways.

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