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Sharpen Your Creative Edge for Focus and Flow

Innovators bring immeasurable value to the world: compelling and creative products, unique perspectives, and a shake-up of the status quo. Their creations can have the power to connect diverse groups and influence culture. 

But how do creative people stay in the flow and be highly productive and innovative, especially when they’re not always working under ideal circumstances? 

We show people how to access creative genius so they can innovate effortlessly without the struggle, stress and burnout they often experience. Most people believe that creative genius is elusive, or only for a select few, but we know it’s available at any moment and the best results come when people are connected to it.

Participants discover the source of creative genius and what gets in the way in this 90-minute, interactive workshop led by the principal consultants from Your Kinda Genius. They’ll leave the workshop with a new perspective and the implications of having direct access to their creative potential.

During the workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience in breakout sessions. At the end of the workshop they’ll receive a customized content summary for reference and to further integrate the learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • The source of creative genius
  • The blocks that limit access to creative genius
  • How to dissolve these blocks
  • How to stay connected to this genius

Generate maximum impact in the minimum amount of time.

These micro-workshops are offered upon request. Please contact us to bring our workshops to your business or organization (in-person or online).