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Supercharge Your Communication With Perceptive Listening

For the leader in us all. Have you noticed that those who listen well are able to connect and build successful relationships; generating energy, momentum, and impactful outcomes.

If listening’s so important, how come it’s hard to do well? While people love tips for actively listening, they’re not the real deal; they’re the hard way. Strategies are a lot of work, require practice, and produce inconsistent results.

Chances are, no one’s told you about your true power and capacity for listening. We will. 

Once you’ve got it, listening is effortless, conversation flows naturally, people reach agreement and create new and better solutions. Listening at its best is efficient, productive, and collaborative.

Supercharge your team’s listening in this 90-minute interactive workshop, led by the principal consultants from Your Kinda Genius. They’ll walk you through the highly impactful fundamentals of listening that no one else is talking about.

During the workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience in breakout sessions. At the end of the workshop they’ll receive a customized content summary for reference and to further integrate the learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why listening is a super power
  • The critical component of listening
  • What you’ve been missing
  • How to get everyone on the same page 

Generate maximum impact in the minimum amount of time.

These micro-workshops are offered upon request. Please contact us to bring our workshops to your business or organization (in-person or online).