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Get Clarity and Take Action in the Face of Uncertainty

It’s obvious the future’s not predictable. We do our best to create roadmaps based on what we think the terrain will look like. It’s the only thing we can do, and it’s impossible to plan for every pothole or crater that might appear.

When things go wrong, even the most experienced people can get stuck in a stagnant pool of stress and overwhelm; paralyzed, ineffective, and struggling to find a way out. Thank goodness there’s a shortcut to higher ground.

Mobilize your team’s creativity and gain clarity to navigate the unpredictable in this online, 90-minute interactive program, led by the principal consultants from Your Kinda Genius. Learn how to respond dynamically, and even thrive, no matter the road ahead.

During the workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience in breakout sessions. At the end of the workshop they’ll receive a customized content summary for reference and to further integrate the learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making invisible opportunities visible
  • The benefits of an uncertain future
  • Create a more effective roadmap
  • Navigate the unpredictable with confidence 

Generate maximum impact in the minimum amount of time.

These micro-workshops are offered upon request. Please contact us to bring our workshops to your business or organization (in-person or online).