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Conquer Overwhelm and Reclaim Your Productivity

A Self-Study Online Course to Get Your Life Back in Control

Does it seem like work and life should be easier but you don’t know how?

Do you have:

  • Demands coming from every direction
  • Infinite to-do lists
  • Pressured decision making
  • Multiple projects requiring your attention
  • No time for deep work
  • Frenzied, urgent requests
  • Non-stop communications 
  • Constantly shifting priorities fracturing your focus

Imagine what it would be like to have too much to do but not feel overwhelmed by it.

In this 90-minute self-study course you'll learn how to stay focused in the chaos of demands. We'll teach you a cutting-edge paradigm for overcoming overwhelm in a non-stop world.

  • You'll walk away knowing the critical distinction between overwhelm and overload which allows you to have more control, increase your clarity, and be more resourceful.  
  • You’ll gain the skills required to break-free from overwhelm so you stay motivated and productive.
  • You’ll learn Curiosity Based Solutioning — a tool for generating fresh insights and new roadmaps when you’re facing your biggest challenges.

What people are saying...

"This course was more effective than almost every other online course I’ve ever taken. It gave me lasting insights that made me look at my personal and professional workloads in a different way and significantly reduced my stress and concern."

— Wilson H., Senior Engineering Manager, Raytheon

Course details

To keep things easy to digest we've created this course as a series of 26 bite-sized (2-6min) videos so you can take it at your own pace. You'll get a downloadable workbook with questions and thought experiments to track your progress. 

We've designed it to be accomplished in just 10 minutes a day. 

What people are saying...

"Conquer Overwhelm And Reclaim Your Productivity is more than its title. Understanding the distinction between overwhelm and overload has already been helpful working with my varied clients, their deadlines, and what I wish to achieve in my personal life.

It’s very liberating to realize what you do have control over and what you can let go of. We can spin in a vortex or move forward. 

This program has made me a better partner to my clients, my family, and myself all within a respectful time commitment. Just what I needed!


Kudos to your kinda genius’ Linda Pritcher and Christine Blehm."

— F. Jones, Communications Consultant, Kansas City, MO

The curriculum

The course is broken into 5 main sections:

#1 Introduction

Learn how to get the most out of this program and take your initial assessment.

#2 An experiment to reveal the true source of overwhelm

There’s a huge misunderstanding about where overwhelm comes from — here we’ll show you what’s really going on. 

#3 The difference between Overload and Overwhelm

Learn this powerful distinction to shift how you approach your workload.

**Below, view a free preview from this section. 

#4 Your built-in capacity to break free

This section brings together all your insights from the course so you can finally conquer overwhelm.

#5 Review and key takeaways

We give you a highlight reel to solidify your learning and serve as an ongoing resource.

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What people are saying...

This program really hit home for me. In the past, I heard that thinking creates your reality, but I never deeply understood the concept.

The presenters in this program walked me step-by-step through their teachings, laying out their lessons in a logical way until I arrived at the breakthrough of an “aha!” moment, then another, and another. These exciting insights got me to the place where I could really feel the difference between helpful and unhelpful thoughts, let go of self-limiting beliefs, and finally see why perfectionism has kept me trapped.

Most exciting of all, I was able to apply these lessons immediately. I experienced a better moment, then a few better hours, then several days – all with the realization that although I am not in control of my brain’s thinking, I can control which thoughts I focus on. And this has a direct impact on my mental, emotional, and physical health!

I’m truly grateful to the Your Kinda Genius team for creating such an interesting, affordable, and effective program, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to live a smoother life.


--Michelle Monti, Writer/Communications Consultant

Full curriculum and free preview:

**Please enjoy the following videos as part of your free preview:

1.1 About This Course

1.2 Your Initial Assessment

3.1 Overload vs. Overwhelm

  • 2
    • The Thinking Experiment — Part 1 (6min)
    • The Thinking Experiment — Part 2 (7min)
    • You Think, Therefore You Feel (3min)
    • The True Source of Overwhelm (3min)
    • Source of Overwhelm — Quiz
  • 3
    • Overload vs. Overwhelm (5min) Free Preview
    • Unhelpful Thinking: Introduction (1min)
    • Unhelpful Thinking: Self-made Limitations (4min)
    • Unhelpful Thinking: Expectations (2min)
    • Unhelpful Thinking: Perfectionism (2min)
    • Unhelpful Thinking: Future Thinking (3min)
    • Unhelpful Thinking: Summary (2min)
    • Overload vs. Overwhelm — Quiz
  • 4
    • Your Capacity To Be Aware And Not Care (5min)
    • Your Capacity For Beliefs to Change (2min)
    • Your Capacity To Question an Old Belief (3min)
    • Your Capacity To Question Other's Beliefs (3min)
    • Your Capacity For New Thoughts (3min)
    • Your Capacity To Create Solutions (7min)
    • Curiosity Based Solutioning (3min)
    • Your Capacity — Quiz
  • 5
    • You're a Thinker (3min)
    • Overwhelm and Overload (3min)
    • Disregard Your Unhelpful Thinking (2min)
    • Beyond Your Limits (2min)
    • Being Solution Oriented (2min)

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